My journey is about radical truth and radical honesty. 
That`s where my practice starts.
I focus on how yoga can contribute to balance your life, by creating space in your body and mind. 

My intention is to support you in your practice and learn how to transmit the yoga from your mat and out in the world.
It’s not supposed to be simple and comfortable but a process of learning how to really listen. You are supposed to be able to move and live with ease. Without the pain, without the stress, with life as it is. 
In awareness.
Awareness begins and ends with your body. Your body knows what’s up. 
It knows what to do and what it needs to not only survive, but to thrive.
I keep my teaching light and sometimes playful which allows me to create an element of comfort and familiarity. 

My mission is to create well balanced classes and sessions with intelligent alignment, breath work and meditation. And most of all practice how to really LISTEN to our bodies.
I truly believe that we need something more than the physical aspect of yoga.
A deeper understanding of the more subtle aspects, which comes with dedication and regular practice. I also believe that life is Yoga itself. It has nothing to do with performing shapes on a yogamat. 

To me yoga is rather a lifestyle.
I continue to expand my knowledge and understanding of yoga through an never ending process.

:Yoga has taught me to love life, it reminds me of who I am and what truly matters :

Namaste to you on your journey and I look forward to the time when our paths will cross

Maria Avani


All Images © Maria Elisabeth Rommel

- All rights reserved